Name Your School

Why should you name your school? Well, why not? According to the Texas constitution and

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Name Your School

Name Your School

brand-your-schoolWhy should you name your school? Well, why not? According to the Texas constitution and affirmed by the supreme court a homeschool is considered a private school located in the home. So as a private school you’ll want to display a sense of propriety. A logo is nice too. I even used my scrapbooking skills to generate ID’s for my girls and a ‘teacher ID’ for me. Most retailers with teacher discounts will accept it! But even more than that, when we were out in public we had a sense of having a reputation to uphold. It just felt more ‘official’. If you’re using printed planners using a clear view binder featuring a cover sheet displaying your name/logo or using such graphics for your wallpaper on the computer or tablet helps you feel more on top of things. Think of it like making your bed in the morning. Watch some TED talks about productivity and you’ll often see such advice.

This is also a great way to restate your mission statement by finding a moniker with purpose. For me it was ‘Woodhaven Christian  Academy’. I was homeschooling to provide a safe place for my kids to grow and learn with a commitment to passing along my faith. Our last name is/was Wood and I love pictures of trees. So it was quite easy to find a family tree style icon to go with the name. On the flip side my next venture after my were all graduated was an attempt to train dogs. I describe my life’s journey as running out of two legged students to I started homeschooling my dog. In reality we acquired a boxer puppy for the purpose of training a service dog. I never intended to train others’ dogs so it never occurred to me to come up with a mission statement or a name/logo. I got talked into trying classes when our clients at our dog grooming business kept asking. Perhaps I would have been more successful if I had taken those foundational steps. I just never felt ‘official’ as a dog trainer. That ‘imposter’ feeling never did reflect reality. I had undertaken many, many hours of education and training myself with a successful service dog at the end of the process. That’s why I had clients begging me to teach them!

I bring this up because I remember the early days of homeschooling and how easy it is to feel discouraged or wonder if your efforts are ‘good enough’. Having critical family members makes it tough at times. So having a strong name shows the seriousness of your commitment to educate your children at home. It was a mental anchor to cling to.

Your assignment (should you choose to accept it) is to name your school even if it’s a hypothetical homeschool and post the name.



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