Continuing Education

I got it wrong. The beginning of homeschooling lies in you: your attitude, your willingness

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Continuing Education

KEEP EDUCATING YOURSELF. Educational concept with different color sticky notes and white chalk handwriting on a blackboard.

Let your child see you as a sponge absorbing non-fiction as well as enjoying great stories!

I got it wrong. The beginning of homeschooling lies in you: your attitude, your willingness to learn something new, your drive to improve yourself. The starting place is your own education. You are your own first student. There is no curriculum. Not a lot of YouTube channels talk about it. But it is eminently important to model self-education to your children. Just like you model a love of reading by voicing those bedtime stories when they’re young, you will teach yourself about learning styles, types of curricula, and how to shape behavior.

So make a commitment to your own education first. Read books/blogs/articles, attend conventions/seminars/curriculum sales, take notes, ask questions, listen to the answers. I genuinely hope you find your own joy in learning because seeing your joy at mastering a new topic is the start of your childrens’ addiction to education.

If your attitude at the start is ‘oh, no…I thought I was done with all of this!’ because you already finished your degree then your first step is in finding your own joy in learning. Look back on your own education with the viewpoint of sparing your own child that process if you didn’t enjoy it. Of course if you liked school you already know that joy (I hope). But I’m thinking of my own history. I dropped out of college the second time because I was an English major aimed at teaching High School Literature. I not only didn’t have time to read for fun, the texts I was assigned sucked the last bit of pleasure out of reading period! I put all books down for a couple of years until my favorite characters returned to my mind begging me to reread those books I had so loved as a child.

What finally pulled me out of academia for good was that semester in community college (3rd try at college) when I started my homeschool journey. I was learning more just teaching my kids than in my classes. I also found the rather annoying typos and errors in the online class materials just sealed the deal. But I never lost my love of learning. For example I’m currently taking an online course on WordPress to catch up on the platform. My other topics studied extra-curricularly include the science of essential oils, digital scrapbooking, dog training, autism/asperger’s syndrome, and small business administration. The only one of those I would consider a failure is the small business one that was supplemented by the ill-fated online class fiasco at the local community college. I really am better off hunting down the information I want and teaching myself and so it is with your children. Information sticks better and lasts longer when it is pursued. Your job is to help them find their passion for information then hop in the bobsled and enjoy their ride.

Your assignment (if you choose to accept it) is to post in the comments what topics you enjoy studying now.



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