DIY your health, pt. 2

Last week I told you about my start on DIY-ing my health. Now let me

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DIY your health, pt. 2

glass cups of teaLast week I told you about my start on DIY-ing my health. Now let me continue with how I got off of all of my medications both prescribed and over-the-counter. The first medication I eliminated was my sleep-aid prescription. No, actually the first drug I eliminated was caffeine! That ill-fated doctor’s visit was in the fall just a couple of weeks before I came down with a virus that took me down hard. I was every kind of dizzy and nauseous and I remember I was hoping to recover enough to attend our family’s Thanksgiving dinner. But strangely as I regained my appetite everything was different…drastically different! I was craving plain water. I was drawn to savory flavors like mustard and dill (two flavors I abhorred!), and the taste of diet coke made me want to throw up. My addiction was thoroughly broken. I was sick enough long enough to not even notice the caffeine-withdrawal headache. It’s hard when friends and family ask me how I managed such a drastic shift and I just shrug my shoulders and say how lucky I am to have survived the illness. Now before I lose everyone’s attention let me say that anyone can embrace positive lifestyle choices. It’s a matter of reprogramming your brain whether it’s accomplished via a virus or through a purposeful shift in thinking such as finding water thirst quenching.

Back to my story, though, I was on a mission to find more natural solutions. I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity I had been given. I started going to a chiropractor and tried a few supplements like melatonin. The melatonin for my chronic insomnia was a failure so I was pretty skeptical but I signed up for essential oils because I was impressed with the results my friend was experiencing. The first oil I tried was lavender* first on a burn (because my fingers are numb) then later to help me sleep. My results were so positive on both counts I knew I was on the right path! I still had no idea at that point just how powerful eo’s would be for me but I was experimenting with the oils in my starter kit. I was also educating myself about toxins in my food and environment. The funny thing is how breaking the caffeine addiction didn’t resolve the insomnia problem. Even funnier was how just trying a few oily habits like frankincense on my feet before bedtime and drinking peppermint water transformed me into a jogger. I went from using a manual wheelchair or a mobility scooter to walk the dogs to actually walking them. Then I was walking them around the building, then jogging. People tend to notice when you ditch the chair and start jogging so naturally I signed a few up for essential oils. Now, before I get in trouble with the FDA, nothing I experienced can be considered a cure or even a treatment. I still have MS and my disease still marches on. I’m back to using a wheelchair and just switched to a powered one. I’m dizzy, my fingers and toes are numb, and my permanent double-vision never cleared up. I’m still going blind. But I can say I’m doing everything in my power to slow it all down! Some of the OTC medications I no longer need to buy include allergy meds, pain meds, and digestive aids. I also no longer need to use an inhaler or take asthma drugs but I told you about that last week. From improved nutrition and decreasing toxins to using herbal teas and essential oils I’m DIY-ing my way forward with this disease.

*I would never use or recommend any essential oil or supplement that comes from iffy sources which is why I trust Young Living. From someone who has to be concerned about what my food ate I also have to be concerned with what my eo’s absorbed. This is not a sales pitch and I’m not seeking new members. But I included my link because I want you to have access to great oils.



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