When you feel inadequte

Earlier I mentioned feeling like an imposter, inadequate, unqualified. Goodness knows I was challenged early

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When you feel inadequte

overcoming-inadequacy-21473584Earlier I mentioned feeling like an imposter, inadequate, unqualified. Goodness knows I was challenged early and often when I was homeschooling my kids. Let me tell you about my own struggles in this department.

For one thing I was challenged daily by one of my own kids. You know the type…challenging! She made my entire existence, my position as ‘parent’, something to defend. We never did get an official diagnosis but I was pretty convinced she had Asperger’s Syndrome though I just learned recently that she has sought out and received help from a medical professional…yay! She finally has a diagnosis but since her early childhood symptoms matched ASD I didn’t think to keep looking. I missed it, unfortunately, and for that I’m truly sorry. Our story is why I started this blog. Some things really do require professional help and can’t be DIY’d. It won’t help if you’re researching the wrong topic. For me, today, I’m just happy to learn she’s doing well, on a good path, and taking care of herself and my grandsons!

Other areas where I’ve felt unqualified include sign language, photography/photoshop and dog training. The problem here is that there will always be others who know more than you. Always! So if you’re a perfectionist, or think you have to master a field before you are qualified to teach others you should probably check that attitude at the door. All of life is a learning process. There will always be more to learn. The joy comes through learning new things with your kids. Watching that ‘ah-ha!’ moment is pure magic. The one topic you are already the master of is knowing your own kids. You can do this unless you need professionals like speech therapy, occupational therapy, etc. The best way to provide what your child needs is to get a good diagnosis so you can seek out the best solution or the best professional. Sometimes that even means putting them in a public school setting. But you don’t just have to hand them off carefree. You are responsible for their education, after all.

Back to feeling ‘unprofessional’ for a second. In the dog training world it’s not a matter of if you’ll be bitten but when you get bit. I’ve never received a dog bite so I don’t feel qualified. I haven’t ‘earned my stripes’ as it were. Is there a corollary to that in the homeschool world? I don’t know. But it may be just that…the ability to admit you don’t know.



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