DIY your health, pt. 3

For a couple of weeks I've been talking about my personal journey finding health. I

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DIY your health, pt. 3

DIY your health, pt. 3

graphic showing three necessary components of healthFor a couple of weeks I’ve been talking about my personal journey finding health. I hope I can help my readers draw some wisdom for my story, Let’s start with how I address health issues with my friends. No, let’s back up a little more and refresh our memories on grade school science class. Remember the scientific method? Form a hypothesis, test one variable at a time, evaluate various results, then adjust the hypothesis. Right? That’s how testing food allergies works, DIY style. So here’s my initial hypothesis for those seeking health: you are being poisoned. If it is an endocrine system issue check for known disruptors like BPA in plastics. Our environment is quite toxic these day: chemicals in our food supply, pollutants in our air and water, voluntarily inhaling or ingesting toxins, etc. You can’t test one variable at a time when you’re constantly under the influence of or bathing yourself in toxins.

My second hypothesis is the other side of the same coin which is what’s missing? What macro or micro nutrient do you need to add to the equation? Are you drinking plenty of pure water? Are you eating whole foods using as little processing as possible? And how was your food raised or harvested? Almost no one in America currently has the ability to know the answers to such questions which is really sad. But do the best you can with the information you can dig up.

OK, this is where it gets sticky for me. My third hypothesis is about stress. Now that I’ve potentially stressed you out about your toxic environment and food supply I’m going to tell you how bad stress is for you. Hmmmm. Not helpful there. BUT only if you stop there! This is why exercise is so necessary. And laughter. And tears. And time off. And most importantly sleep! All of those activities are vital parts of the body’s natural detoxification process. Really, look it up on YouTube!

There you have it, then. My three legged stool: stop poisoning yourself, provide yourself with pure food and water, and manage your stress. That’s it. It really IS elementary. Pick a starting point and work your way through a lifestyle makeover. You CAN do this one on your own. In fact, you are the only one who can! Goodness knows I’ve been trying to work on my husband! You really can lead a horse to water but he won’t drink it if he’s addicted to soda!



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