Where it all began

Being in a wheelchair I have little need for shoes but wanted something a bit

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Where it all began

Where it all began

contents of a kit for making leather moccasinsBeing in a wheelchair I have little need for shoes but wanted something a bit warmer and sturdier than just socks for colder/wetter days since I frequently have to plant a foot on the ground in order to increase my reach while walking the dogs. When my order for fleece lined moccasins arrived I had a flashback to my first pair of moccasins. I must have been eight that Christmas when I received a kit and proceeded to make my own footwear! I remember the rush of excitement when I completed my shoes. That was probably my first completed DIY project and I was hooked. I loved that feeling of accomplishment!

Now you have to understand my environment. My mom would take tissue paper and cut around the printed lines followed by colorful fabrics. I would fall asleep to the whirring of the sewing machine so I probably didn’t see every step of the magic that was occurring but I understood that it was how clothes were made. My earliest memories of my dad’s DIY-ing was seeing him construct models. He could take metal sticks and join them with solder to outline the shape of a sailboat. I grew up breathing in the creativity air in the most blessed home I can imagine! And any household repair or project that came up…forget about it! There just wasn’t anything my dad couldn’t do!

I grew up eating real home-cooked food. I remember the first microwave in our home. I was probably a teen when hot pockets were invented. So I didn’t have a proper appreciation for all my parents DIY’d for me. For example I was not suitably impressed by my true designer jeans my mom took a class to learn to properly measure and construct. I was fixated on designers like Gloria Vanderbilt and couldn’t know how much better I had everything. Just like I couldn’t imagine how my grandmother used to wring the chicken’s neck and pluck it’s feathers before making Sunday dinner.

Our modern life is full of the miracles of convenience and the curse of the ignorance of what we lost along the way. Sure, we don’t have to butcher our own meat sources. And we can enjoy the time we used to spend doing chores. But today I feel like we pay for that level of luxury by having no understanding of the chemicals in our modern processed food system. The fact that we can spend hours upon hours playing games on our cellphones or binge watching a Netflix show with that ‘free time’ instead of educating ourselves to keeps up with the enormous changes in our society is kind of sad.

What is something you might take for granted today that your grandparents would consider a luxury? Leave a comment.



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