March media update

It's time for another book/media update so here goes: I'm still listening to 'Life, Animated' by

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March media update

It’s time for another book/media update so here goes:

  • I’m still listening to ‘Life, Animated’ by Ron Suskind
  • I’m looking forward to starting on ‘The Princess Diarist‘ by Carrie Fisher (read by Carrie Fisher and Billie Lourd!)
  • We added a new app to the lineup: Curiosity stream. happy to have in on the Roku and I’m really enjoying the documentaries (especially the current show on nutrition!)
  • I’m still listening on soundcloud/watching on YouTube the same channels as last time with a new emphasis on Rubin Report and Bill Whittle.
  • I might be logging in to my queue more later in the month as I’m expecting to become a Mass Effect: Andromeda widow when that game comes out.



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