Mindset is more than the title of a great book (Mindset: The New Psychology of



gears on x-ray of a skullMindset is more than the title of a great book (Mindset: The New Psychology of Success by Carol S. Dweck) it’s also a way of looking at life. It’s a way of describing life. I describe life in terms like ‘opportunity’, ‘learning’, and ‘finding’. Even difficulties are framed positively. ‘I am currently finding new ways to do x, y, and z using a wheelchair.’ Sure, it would be easy to wallow in a pit of misery focused on what I can no longer do. Even ‘pity party’ is a fun sounding phrase. But it’s not fun or helpful. This mindset of finding solutions when facing obstacles is attributable to my DIY upbringing. So thanks, Mom and Dad!

From my DIY low-budget wedding to my current DIY healthcare solutions this mindset sees possibilities everywhere. By experimenting with elimination diets and food challenges I was able to take control of my allergies thanks to some books I found at a used bookstore. By educating myself through research and online classes I have achieved some important goals but I also learned the tremendous value of asking for help and hiring the right professionals. That has actually been the hardest adjustment I’ve had to make. But no matter what dietary changes I try, no matter which essential oils I use, no matter how much I see my chiropractor this MS still marches forward. The best I can do is slow it down and I have precious little control over that! But accepting that reality has freed my mind, my ingenuity, to finding solutions each day as it comes instead of being angry or depressed looking backward at what I used to be able to do. That’s MINDSET at it’s best.

I’m not sure if I read or heard this or if I came up with it myself but I recently came across this note: ‘homeschooling is a mindset that finds opportunities and resources in everyday life.’ I am so happy that I can use my knowledge and creativity to blog about helping others to take control of their health, their homes, and their educations.



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