It’s about doing something (even if it’s not perfect)

This week I started on a course called the 'self authoring suite' and I'm working

craftyIt’s about doing something (even if it’s not perfect)
It’s about doing something (even if it’s not perfect)

It’s about doing something (even if it’s not perfect)

blank billboard against blue sky and green grassThis week I started on a course called the ‘self authoring suite’ and I’m working through my autobiography. In the process of remembering my earliest childhood memories I came across the fact that I used to be painfully shy. I was so terrified of making a mistake I wouldn’t say anything to strangers. I know this old fear has been holding me back in several areas and maybe that’s why I haven’t been keeping up with recording my metadata details. And perhaps my lack of action on finding dictation software to try other ways to deal with my numb fingers. Not a problem in every area of life, obviously,  but enough that finding and untangling those knots might be really helpful for me.

Now this is where I start telling you to do as I say, not as I do when it comes to digital scrapbooking. I’ve taken literally thousands of photos but recorded precious little in the metadata or on the backs (for those older print photos.) Now I am struggling with holes in my memory. Oh phooey! It doesn’t help that I have a tendency to want to have all of  my facts/materials/spellings perfect before actually starting. Did I mention my perfectionism or ‘borderline hoarding’ of craft supplies? Yeah, I might have a little  bit of OCD going on. So if you’re not plugging your stories into your metadata yet why not? You already know what is special about those photos and what makes them precious to you. Go ahead and record that. Save something even if it’s not the whole story.

So here I am trying to do things I write about and I’m using these exhortations to motivate and energize myself to action. It’s a lot like how you learn another language. You have to actually speak, fail, gain corrections, and hone your skills by speaking with other speakers of that language. You can study all about a language but never speak a word of it. (Here’s the tie-in for all of my homeschool readers, by the way. Almost every subject is best taught/learned through experiences.)  Your stories are precisely yours because they happened to you, or to someone you love. So who better to tell those stories?



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