What is coming up in May

I just want to pop in and let everyone know what's going on around here

dog trainingWhat is coming up in May

What is coming up in May

I just want to pop in and let everyone know what’s going on around here in the next few weeks. First of all I’m moving. I’ve only been in this apartment for a year and I love it here. I certainly didn’t want to go through the stress of a move this soon! A rare opportunity came up though for a unit specifically designed for a wheelchair user and this may solve a number of minor issues (and one major) for me. So I’m moving up two floors and around the corner in late May. The new apartment is a bit larger and I’m getting an office, yay! When I wrote up 3 months worth of blog posts (Intro to Homeschooling, January-March) I was able to compose and schedule it all so it would work on autopilot. I’ve tried to keep up but life/MS/family drama and I’m writing this post a whole day in advance. I want to get a few weeks ahead and composed before the move so my whole blog isn’t derailed. So, I’ve scheduled a six-week class on dog training for May through early June. But it’s not like a once a week class constructed from my notes. I thought it would be fun to do something a little different.

So here’s my introduction to the ‘ABC’s of dog training’. My goal is to post a different letter every couple of days so that by the end of the series you’ll have a pretty good glossary going. Of course alphabetical order is anything but a chronological progression through concepts and skills so this is a real challenge for me! I will just have to see how my readers like it. And I think to make the graphics easier I’m going to post ATC’s (artist trading cards) from a swap back in 2010 or 2011. If you get a kick out of my quotes and artwork go back to my digital scrapbooking class that we just finished and comment. I can do a more detailed series about design or software tutorials (switching to GIMP once I get my office set up comfortably.) So look for the ‘A’ post right after my May media update!



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