ABC’s of Dog Training – E

E is for: Effort - just do your homework. You can't expect to build a skill

dog trainingABC’s of Dog Training – E

ABC’s of Dog Training – E

E is for:

Effort – just do your homework. You can’t expect to build a skill you haven’t practised. The good news is if you find yourself procrastinating because you don’t like to make mistakes or feel foolish relax…your dog doesn’t know and won’t tell on you!

Energy – thinking requires energy. Making your dog think is work (for both of you) and that work uses up energy.

Enthusiasm – intense and eager enjoyment, interest, or approval. This is a great way to describe motivation.

Enjoyment – have fun playing games and training your dog and they will have fun with you. This also builds your bond.

Evolution – use activities that fulfill the instinctive needs bred into your dog for reinforcement of desired behaviors and find ways to with those instincts to mitigate nuisance behaviors.

Extinction (burst) – when your dog is doing a behavior that worked in the past but now it doesn’t because of owner awareness or training they may try harder to get things to work using their old tricks in a display of frustration. Keep going, they ARE leaning the new behavior and they are  just testing you.



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