I’m back! Sorta…

I'm getting my 'voice' back but I'm not 100%. I may actually never get back

UncategorizedI’m back! Sorta…
I’m back! Sorta…

I’m back! Sorta…

I’m getting my ‘voice’ back but I’m not 100%. I may actually never get back to my old self so I may as well do my current-best. 

Just to share my media habits for my October update: I’ve been listening to the free online lectures at Hillsdale College. On YouTube I’m watching crochet videos from my favorite channels The Crochet Crowd, Fiber Flux, plus others. My favorite political channels like Dave Rubin, Bill Whittle, and Ben Shapiro.  And just plain educational ones like The Financial Diet, Clean My Space, and Zak George’s Dog Training rEvolution. 
I’m also enjoying apps like Craftsy. I subscribe to CRTV and I almost subscribed to the Daily Wire…still considering that one. 

On Audible I finally got Dangerous by Milo Yiannopolous! 

Google is seriously screwing up. Besides the political BS, their services are sucking. I’m working on leaving them as much as possible. That’s almost a full-time job!

I think I’ll reinstall Soundcloud.  My Pandora stations are The Piano Guys, Heathens, and Jim Gaffigan.

The biggest change for me right now is my vision. Glasses are not really helping so I’m mostly composing on my phone. I watch TV on it too. But I’m saving up for a Surface Pro. It’s a better use for my money than glasses and more functional.

So that’s my update. I hope write more and more regularly.



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